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Just Yell Fire - A Million Girl Revolution Combating Violence Against Young Women


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Just thought I would drop a line to say I appreciate what you do for young women.  I have been a Probation Officer for over 25 years, a martial artist for over 30 years and a self-defense and personal safety instructor for over 20 years.  During every session I teach I encourage young women and their parents to go to your web page for valuable information to enhance their personal safety.  Keep up the good work.
– Michael, Deputy Director, Adult Court Services, McLean County
Hi Dallas,

First of all my daughter and I love Just Yell Fire!
I run my own Personal Self Defense program, It's a family run side business, nothing big.
I have been involved in the Martial Arts since 1990, I train with people of all ages and I saw your Just Yell Fire dvd a few years ago and I have had my daughter who is now a teenager OMG! watch with me and her friends. Usually when they sleep over this is how I introduce the dvd, sometimes my daughter gives me the look like "dad really? Now."…lol  but I get them to watch and I really think this is a Great tool for all girls to have! To give them a sense of knowing they can fight back!  To know how to defend themselves with basic life saving Techniques.  I will be posting your link to my NPSDT page on Facebook.
Thank you for this DVD! And for having it out there for anyone to see.

Once again.
– John
Thank you Dallas for having these helpful dvd training programs. I have 2 daughters and these will bring more awareness to the danger that's out there. Keep up the good work. I applaud everyone involved in making this program, again thank you so much for all the hard work you all have put in.
– Joe
I just finished watching BOTH of your JYF videos this evening.
I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you've put in over the years. These video's are amazing.
I have two little nieces, ages 5 and 7.5 and I will be passing this info on to their Mom (my sister) and I'm hoping she will share it with all the Mom's on her street. I always worry about my precious nieces but after watching these video's, I know they will have fantastic tools to help keep them safe.
I now work for a private aviation company. A small part of our annual emergency training is spent on self defense. We are taught Krav-Magra (I know I've misspelled it) Israeli hand-to-hand combat techniques that have been adapted for close-quarters fighting. We do some of the training in our aircraft simulator and it is very helpful. The problem is, before the end of the year is out, I tend to forget some of it. Your videos not only gave me a few more moves to add to my bag of tricks, I can also review them whenever I feel the need to. I'm also looking forward to passing all this info onto my fellow flight attendants as I head to emergency training this month.
You are an exceptional woman and I congratulate you on these wonderful tools that you've made available. I wish you the best on all your future endeavors.
PS. I found your videos through the Costco magazine that just arrived yesterday.
– Courtney, Flight Attendant
I just finished reading about you in the latest Costco Connection magazine.
Thank you for showing how one person can team up with others to make a huge and wonderful difference.
Keep up the great job you are doing educating our youth, especially young women that they have the right for a life without violence of any form being used against them; and how to protect themselves.
Thank you.
– Peter
I loved your project.
It resonated.
I teach martial arts and care about the students.
Thank you for your vision.
– Enrique, Tucson, AZ
I am a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I am 49 years old and the mother of three boys and one girl. The values that I have seen in your process are just what I am looking for.
– Robin, Texas
I came across your website while looking for self defence sites for my girls. I am humbled by your quest to educate all girls, no matter where they are at, of their rights and the power they have to take care of themselves. We hear about horror stories every day of abduction/assault and it is sad that we live in a such a world. I deeply admire your quest to change it, and hope in some small way i can assist in this quest.
– Jit, Toronto, Canada
You would have been so proud of Dallas today. She stood up in front of our 400 students with the greatest poise and composure. She drew them in from the start and had them laughing and listening at the same time.
I shared the DVD with a girls school in Memphis.
Thank you for your help in connecting us with Dallas.
– Marie, Nashville, TN
I was searching online for something about young people changing the world in order to inspire a young friend. I discovered and ordered Dallas' book, which I'm reading before I give it to my friend! Then I found out about JYF. OMG. Many, many congratulations to Dallas - wow, wow, really, really wow!
Best wishes for the continuation of JYF long, long into the future.
– Prema
223 Comments • Random SelectionNewest • More recent • Older
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