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People Magazine
Apr 5th, 2018
Jaime King is speaking out after her young son was involved in an "incredibly violent" car attack.
On Wednesday afternoon, the Hart of Dixie actress's 4-year-old son James Knight was struck by glass after a man allegedly attacked the parked car he was sitting in with a female friend of the actress in Beverly Hills.
In a statement released Thursday on Instagram, King, 38, admitted that she and her son are both "very shaken up."
"Thank you so much to everyone for the outpouring...

Coast Live
Feb 7th, 2018
Leta Krieger is a former police officer and now teaches self-defense classes for women and girls.  We get a lesson in how to avoid issues and protect ourselves. To lean more visit

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The Virginian-Pilot
Dec 16th, 2016
When Leta Krieger was a Virginia Beach police officer working in the crime prevention unit, she wanted to do more to help people than what she was able to do at work.
So she crafted a business plan to teach personal safety and self-defense classes to young women.
She had space reserved, a curriculum, and plans to teach a class in August 2014. But in July, she injured her leg in training and had to put everything on hold.
Now, two years later, she's ready to go again...

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Pacific Standard
Mar 18th, 2016
Ten years ago, at the age of 14, Dallas Jessup created a revolutionary self-defense video that has since empowered more than two million young women to fight back against attackers.
Jessup was inspired to make the video after watching security footage of a girl being abducted. Later, the girl was reported to have been assaulted and murdered. With a black belt in Taekwondo, Jessup wondered if the girl could have gotten away had she known basic self-defense techniques. "I...

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Pacific Standard
Mar 1st, 2016
Millennials are catching a lot of heat these days. The stereotype, in the grand tradition of old people rolling their eyes at young people (and barely worth repeating), is that they're whiny, entitled, coddled, and distracted.
Except that they're not. These 30, at least - and many others we know - are clear-minded, self-directed, nobly intentioned, action-oriented, extraordinarily motivated - and crazy bright.
These 30, in fact, stand as symbols of hope for the future.

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Communities Digital News
Jan 16th, 2016
19% of undergraduate women experience sexual assault with as many as 2.2 million women sexually assaulted while attending college every year. It's time they were taught self defense.
Sexual assault on college campuses is reaching epidemic levels.
The CDC reports that 19% of undergraduate women experience attempted or completed sexual assault while attending college. Females now outnumber males on college campuses and are 11.5 million of the 20.2 million people who entered college in 2015.
Based upon these statistics, by 2019, as many as 2.2 million women will experience sexual assault while attending college every year.
Even more startling, in 87%...

271 News Items • More recent • Older

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