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Safe Magazine
The Girl-led Revolution Just Yell Fire is a movement of 1.5 million girls across 64 countries who work to empower their fellow girls to know their rights, stand up for themselves, be aware of the dangers they face and escape violence when trouble finds chem. Dallas Jessup, the CEO who founded rhe organization when she was 15 said, "Just Yell Fire™ is taking on a crisis: violence and abuse against young women and girls. The numbers are
horrific: 1 in 4 becomes a sexual assault...

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Des Moines Register
Amanda Kruse does more than just teach her self-defense class participants how to jab and strike their way out of attacks. She also tells them how to prevent getting into those dangerous situations.
"I think they go away knowing a lot more about violence and predicting violence that they can deter violence before it ever gets to the point of an attack," said Kruse, 39, of Adel. "They also go away empowered and confident that they could fight back if they were ever in an attack ...

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Des Moines Register
Amanda Kruse mixes discussion with techniques to teach Des Moines-area adults and teens how to prevent violence and how to defend themselves when violence does occur.
"I hope they would go away knowing they can deter violent situations, they can get out of bad relationships, they can prevent getting into bad relationships," said Kruse, 39, of Adel.
I also hope they can be empowered and, if they do get in violent situations, they know they can defend themselves. I don't...

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Ms. Print
On January 28, around 7 p.m., a 22-year-old woman was raped in Grant Park. The Portland Police Bureau report revealed that the woman had been walking around Grant High School when the rapist slammed her face against the side of his truck, dragged her into some bushes and sexually assaulted her.
This incident has been a wake-up call to many young women in Portland, including students of SMA. Just hours before the incident occurred, junior Aditi Jackson, who lives near Grant...

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The Lisa Oz Show
Dallas Jessup talks about Just Yell Fire on the Lisa Oz Show

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Be Your Own You Magazine
One day after school, when 13-year-old Dallas Jessup heard about an 11-year-old girl who had been abducted by a man in broad daylight and later killed, Dallas was outraged. Dallas admits she was a typical self-absorbed teenager at the time, but that day her life changed. Trained as a black belt in tae kwon do and as a student of Filipino street fighting, Dallas was convinced it didn't have to happen to that young girl. "This is a real problem!" stated Dallas, after discovering the frightening...

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It's about fighting back - Good Morning America
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