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2 News Items from USA Today

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USA Today
Dallas Jessup is still embarrassed by the story, though her mom loves to tell it.
At age 10, little Dallas was ready to date. There was a cute boy, and she asked her parents if she could go out with him.
"My dad -- a very clever man -- said, 'You can date when you get a black belt,' " Jessup recalls.
Little did he know that statement would not only inspire the girl to take combat classes, but also would propel Jessup along a pathway of teaching other girls how to stand up for...

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USA Today
Dallas Jessup, 16, raised $500,000 from donations to produce Just Yell Fire, a film she wrote to teach girls how to protect themselves in times of danger. Two million people in 37 countries have viewed the film.
Those who seek inspiration need look no further than the winners of this year's National Caring Awards. Ten recipients, five adults and five young people, were honored by the Caring Institute Monday night in Washington, D.C., for their service to charitable causes and for setting an...

2 News Items from USA Today

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